Personal Insurance

Home & Auto Insurance


Let's protect you and your family together

For most of us, our home is one of our largest investments.  Your home not only provides you with a strong return on your money, but also provides your family a place of comfort and protection. Firstline offers  homeowner’s insurance policies ranging from basic coverage to fully tailored programs built to fit the individual needs of your family.  Home insurance with Firstline means your personal local Firstline agent is part of your community, understands your needs, and can help improve your coverage and discover new discounts! Plus, they’re right down the  block whenever you need them.

 Automobile insurance is not just a good idea, in most cases it’s the  law.  Every driver on the road needs to carry automobile insurance to cover damages caused to property and other people in the event of an accident.  Minimum car insurance limits are set by state regulators, but with the average cost of a vehicle going up every year, a minimum limit  auto insurance policy is hardly enough to cover you in the event of a  serious accident.  

Firstline gives you quality protection at a great price.  Every auto policy comes with the support of a knowledgeable and  friendly agent.  With personal attention and service, you'll have the  information you need to choose the car insurance coverage that makes the  most sense for you.

Life Insurance


Protection for what matters the most 

With so many life insurance choices for how to protect your family such  as Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, convertible, variable, and tax deferred to just name a few, shopping for life insurance can be nothing short of overwhelming. It’s important to have a trusted advisor guide you through your life insurance coverage choices to meet your family’s needs both today and tomorrow.

  • How much life insurance is enough for my age, income, and family needs?
  • What kind of policy best fits needs?
  • If I go with a Term Life Insurance policy, what kind of term options do I have?
  • How flexible will the policy be to changes in either my income, lifestyle or family?
  • How stable are the insurance companies that I am getting quotes from?  (careful when shopping online… it’s important that the company is actually there when your family needs it)

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide you with options ranging from  simple Term Life Insurance to Indexed Universal Life.  There will be no pushy salesman here.  Firstline is  strictly about finding the life insurance policy, rate, and coverage  that matches your needs and budget to adequately protect the standard of  living that you would like to leave your loved ones.

Umbrella Insurance


An extra layer of protection

The biggest misconception about insurance is that it doesn’t run out.  That if you were to cause significant damage to someone or something in a  car accident or another liability claim, insurance will cover it. This  is nothing further from the truth. Insurance has limits on the amount of  money that can be paid out on a claim so the question is, what happens  if you run out of insurance? Enter, the umbrella policy.A  umbrella policy simply sits over all your other insurance coverages and  “kicks in” once insurance limits have been exhausted. A 400,000 dollar  claim with a 300,000 dollar insurance policy leaves you responsible for  the remaining 100,000 dollars. Only an Umbrella Insurance Policy can  step in and pick up where a regular insurance policy ends.CoVerica  is a huge beliver in Umbrella Policies and advocates their use to all  of our clients while shopping for insurance. These unique policies can  be purchased for an additional 500,000, 1,000,000, 3,000,000, 5,000,000  or even 10,000,000 dollars in additional coverage with premiums usually  starting for just a few hundred dollars a year. Let’s talk about your  individual needs and see if an Umbrella Insurance Policy makes sense for  your protection.